the ptc Story

A Leader in the Process Equipment Industry Since 1987

Established in 1987 in California, Pacific Trinetics Corporation (PTC) has been a leading provider of innovative process equipment to the multilayer electronic ceramic devices industry.

In 2016, adopting new strategic initiatives, PTC’s focus was expanded to include Solid State Li Battery manufacturing, process automation and factory automation with an eye towards industry 4.0.

PTC is globally renowned for the quality and longevity of its equipment with a large installed base of equipment in the following product spaces:

  • Solid-State Li Batteries
  • High-Temperature Co-fired Ceramic devices (HTCC)
  • Low-Temperature Co-fired Ceramic devices (LTCC)
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  • Multilayer ceramic capacitors (MLCC)
  • Multilayer inductors (MLI) and Chip Beads (CB)
  • Multilayer Varistors
  • Chip Fuses
  • Piezo Components
  • Ceramic Sensors
  • SOFC Ceramic Stacks

PTC products in the process and factory automation space include:

  • Smart Storage Cabinets (part of inventory management automation)
  • Discrete device test and sort system (process automation with robotics)
  •  Factory air management systems


- Established in 1987
- 4 products for fabrication of
- HTCC/LTCC packages
- Largest supplier of cutting systems; MLCC industry
- 8 total products including roll-to-roll processing
- Transfer of manufacturing operations to Asia (2006)
- Upgrade of system designs
- Largest global installed base of isostatic laminators
- Expansion of manufacturing operations; (40,000 ft2)
- Commitment to ASSBs industry as strategic initiative