• High-speed punch – Up to 1440 holes/min
  • High-accuracy – Up to ± 0.005 mm
  • Quick punch/die replacement – Tool change in minutes


  • PTC Specific state of the art user interface
  • Unlimited storage for punch recipes


  • Versatile – a wide range of hole sizes
  • Hole verification – automatic laser optic inspection of tape

PTC’s automatic punch system is designed and manufactured to meet the demanding tolerance required in the microelectronic ceramic industry. With its compact design and process flexibility, the PT08001 is equally suited for laboratory or production applications. The versatile multi-punch assembly head accommodates via, registration and cavity holes. 

The punch requires no alignment of the punches to the dies by the operator. It can replace individual punches in less than a minute. The menu-driven proprietary program offers a user-friendly interface to all system functions and diagnostic tools with critical data displayed in real-time. Punch programs easily load from .dxf and NC drill files.

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