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PTC has successfully provided an automation system for Honeywell to use for their sensor test station, eliminating the need for the manual loading and unloading of about 2000 pieces a day, and along the way, increasing the first-time pass rate from 93% to 99%.

The highly automated system, designed and developed by PTC, features a high accuracy 6-axis industrial robotic arm, PLC-controlled loading and unloading units, integrated and compatible HMI and utilizes visual analysis technology for automatic sensor testing.

Robotic arm


  • Fully integrated flexible software solution with diagnostics option
  • Graphic user interface with touch screen capability
  • Safety features; equipment can be placed closer to, or around, robot without interference
  • Improved productivity time and efficiency
  • Provided intelligent test results with a binning option
  • Much improved quality with a yield of 99%
  • Reduced machine loading time from 10 hrs to 30 minutes
  • An automated solution for the user to load and leave
  • Elimination of manual loading & unloading of 2000 pcs/day
  • Robot functionality provided shorter cycle time, smaller footprint & accurate material handling

This sophisticated cutting-edge solution allows the user to replace its manual operation and boost its efficiency and productivity by a factor of 25%.