PTC’s extensive experience and engineering skills have made it the leading provider of isostatic lamination products. Many customers have returned to PTC for their second or third laminators, testifying to the quality of our products and services.


  • High-pressure isostatic lamination
  • Stable pressure to reduce de-lamination
  • Multiple stacks in a small footprint


  • OPC-UA Data Communication
  • Unlimited storage for pressure programs


  • Worldwide technical support
  • High quality, cost-efficient laminating system
  • Easy to operate, low maintenance

PTC’s patented LT Series Isostatic Ceramic Laminators are designed specifically to laminate all types of multilayer ceramics prior to firing. LT Series Isostatic laminators use water as a medium to uniformly distribute the force of lamination. This process minimizes de-lamination and gives a more uniform shrinkage which improves yield on complex parts. Parts to be laminated are vacuum-sealed in flexible lamination bags, employing a vacuum bag sealer.

Operators can perform most functions through the embedded touch screen. The PTC specified operating interface provides a recipe-­‐driven menu (recipe = a specific combination of pressure, temperature, soak time and dwell time) for ease of programming. This allows the operator to program the required profile needed to laminate at an optimum process setting.

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