• Automatic mylar remover for thick and thin tapes
  • Automatic Load/Unload for up to 10 types of tapes
  • Automatic vision alignment


  • PTC Specific state of the art user interface
  •  OPC UA Data Communication


  • Tape rotation and flipping mechanism
  • Worldwide technical support
  • High-pressure hydraulic press (Up to 420 kN)

PTC’s Semi-Automatic Stack and Tack System is engineered and built to meet the demanding requirements for the assembly of today’s multilayer ceramic components. Its proprietary software and vision alignment system ensure stacking accuracy of ± 10 μ with a maximum stacking thickness of 0.4”. The touch screen recipe-driven monitor allows the operator to have full control over tacking temperature and cycle time. The green tape is placed onto the Loading Stage. 

The multilayer ceramic stacker is equipped with an optional automatic loading mechanism with the number of cartridges specified by the customer. The automatic loading mechanism also features a Mylar remover, which removes the Mylar without any interference to the ceramic sheet and places the sheet at the vacuum stage for automatic vision alignment for precise layer-to-layer placement.

High-speed robotic actuators combined with vacuum technology ensure a fast and smooth operation of the loading mechanism. Fully configurable sequencing of robotic arm picks up from cartridges by touch screen HMI enables the user to place any number of sheets in any of the cartridges with ease. Higher safety mechanisms are also accomplished by additional measures such as static eliminators, raster switches, and other cutting-edge technologies.

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