Via Filler

  • Fired substrate via filling
  • Unexposed via ink fills uniformly
  • Positive vision alignment assured
  • Double cross microscope vision alignment
  • PLC Controlled system
  • Filtered pneumatic pressure injection
  • Worldwide technical support
  • High quality, cost-efficient via filling system

PTC’s patented VM Series Injection ViaFill System with its vision alignment system is the most technologically advanced product for filling of via holes. Via holes as small as 1 mil are filled uniformly without missing registration or overfilling in both green and fired ceramic substrate. The vision alignment system is utilized for the initial setup of all production runs. Once the initial alignment is completed, the entire stage is locked into position. The operator begins automatic filling of the substrate using a two palm button.

Via ink is extruded through a stencil mask directly into via holes in fired or green ceramic tape. Ink is forced through the mask by air pressure behind the bladder. The ink being forced into the holes naturally displaces any trapped air and fills all vias simultaneously before stopping. The via fill ink is contained in a bladder-like reservoir, therefore maintaining constant viscosity of the ink from the first part to the last.

For more information, please download the specification sheet for the PTC Via Filler here.