PTC’s New Tape Caster

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Tape caster


  • Com­pact, con­tin­u­ous sys­tem for cast­ing ceram­ic tape.
  • One of the small­est and most accu­rate machines on the mar­ket.
  • Doc­tor Blade to oper­ate, low main­te­nance.
  • Ser­i­al pro­duc­tion or lab oper­a­tion.

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see url Pacif­ic Tri­net­ics Corporation’s GT Series ceram­ic tape cast­ing Sys­tem address­es the need to cast­ing ceram­ic green tape based on Mylar film. The cast­ed thick­ness of ceram­ic tape will be from 20 to 400 micron use for LTCC / HTCC, MLCC uni­form­ly thick­ness and the tol­er­ance of the thick­ness as small as ± 0.5mm, ± 10%. The GT Series process is capa­ble of cast­ing 8 inch­es width ceram­ic tape and rolling sys­tem in the machine can con­tin­u­al­ly rolling the ceram­ic tape with Mylar uni­form­ly ten­sion after dry the tape by the heaters and hot flow­ing air.


Cast thick­ness                          20µm – 400µm(depending on slur­ry), with slot die< 1µm
Accu­ra­cy                                   ±0.5µm, ±10%
Cast­ing width                            Max. 300mm
Dry­ing tem­per­a­ture                   Max. 150oC
Speed                                       30 – 7.5 mm/min. (oth­er speeds pos­si­ble)
Slur­ry deposit                            Doc­tor blade or / and Slot die
Con­troller                                  Indus­try Com­put­er
Oper­a­tor Inter­face                    Col­or – Touch screen
Pow­er                                        220VAC 20amps 50/60Hz
Length                                       approx. 240cm
Weight                                       approx. 500 – 600kg



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