Via Filler

Thin lineVia Filler

  • Fill small via hole completely
  • Full vision align­ment system and a broad process latitude
  • Air pres­sure fills all holes uniformly
  • Airtight via fill ink
  • Abil­ity to fill fired substrates
  • Option: automatic vision alignment

Fill Small Vias In Green Ceramic Tape and Fired Substrates With Pressure Injection

Pacific Trinetics Corporation’s VM Series Via Fill System with it’s Vision Alignment System addresses the need to fill small vias uniformly without misregistration or overfilling. The VM Series patented process is capable of filling vias as small as 0.002” (0.05 mm) in ceramic tape, fired substrates and various other microelectronics materials up to 12″ (304 mm) square in size.

Unlike screen printing, the Via Filling does not use a vacuum to assist in the filling process, minimizing the chance of a partial fill that can occur when attempting to fill very small vias. Also unlike screen printing, via ink in the Via filling is not continually exposed to air which prevents the evaporation of solvents in the ink and maintains a constant viscosity from the first part to the last. In the VM Series Via Filling System the via fill ink is contained in a bladder-like reservoir. When air pressure is applied to the bladder it extrudes the ink through a stencil mask directly into the vias of the part you are filling.

For more information, please download the specification sheet for this product here.