Screen Printer

Thin linePTC PrinterFeatures:

  • High repeatability and stability of printing pressure within ± 0.01Mpa
  • High repeatability of accurate table positioning within ± 5 Micron
  • Proprietary Galil Motion Controller with Windows 8 Surface Pro 3
  • User-friendly UI system for custom made settings

High Precision Printing, Lean Structure, and low maintenance combined with easy to use and program UI

Pacific Trinetics Corporation’s Standard Screen Print is designed and engineered to meet the demanding requirements for the printing of today’s sophisticated green ceramic sheets.

The systems proprietary control and UI software combined with the state of the art motion control system, ensures print-to-print accuracy of +/- 5 Micron. PTC Screen Print design allows single print or double print on the same stroke with self-adjusted squeegee leveling system.

Four guide shafts stand on a base plate to support screen frame. Stage can be adjusted and locked in X, Y, and Thetha directions using high precision cameras. The printing area is enclosed as the machine is being operated.

Easy to reach and precise controls allows operators to align the tape for the first time and lock it into position. The vacuum stage then moves to the printing area under screen mask within +/- 5 Micron. Screen mask level can be adjusted for precise uniform printing.

Printer head will then, be lowered to ceramic sheet printing height position using proprietary motor controls. Once the stage is in its final position, the squeegee blades will move across to spread the ink onto the green tape via screen mask openings windows.

Double squeegee feature can be applied to have a second run as squeegee blades return home. Squeegee pressure control is achieved with a precise delicate vertical floating balance controls considering high and low pressures amounts.

For more information, please download the specification sheet for this product here.