Our Company

Thin line

_MG_0777-001Established:  1987

Located: Los Alamitos, California.

Facilities: Los Alamitos and Dalian

Specialties:  Designing, producing and marketing pre-fired process equipment of the highest standard for our customers – manufacturers of ceramic microelectronics devices.

Experience:  Over 25 years of expertise in the multilayer ceramic industry.

Core Business Values: We are committed to providing our customers with top quality equipment solutions.  To accomplish this we:

  • closely collaborate with leading ceramic chip manufacturers and material suppliers.
  • invest heavily in Research and Development.
  • cultivate an environment that encourages innovation.

Our Promise to Our Customers

  • Quality products you can count on.
  • The highest level of customer service.
  • Constant innovation.

PTC has always worked closely with leading manufacturers and material suppliers in the multilayer ceramic industry. This tradition of collaboration, coupled with a visionary management, has led to a rigorous R&D effort bringing forth several innovative equipment solutions. Our company’s hard work and investment have resulted in patents, licensing agreements and a strong reputation throughout the industry.

In addition, the success of our extensive product line has positioned PTC as a world leader in processing equipment for green ceramic tape. Today, PTC equipment have been widely acknowledged in Low Temperature Co-Fired Ceramic (LTCC) technology area and High Temperature Co Fired Ceramic (HTCC ) technology area.

 PTC systems are being utilized globally by manufacturers of multilayer ceramic capacitors (MLCC), multi-chip modules (MCM), ceramic chip inductors and microelectronics packages. These industries are experiencing rapid expansion and increased demands as a result of the growing use of electronic components in the automotive, telecommunications and consumer electronics industries.

Rest assured that our global sales and service network is experienced. Our team is well-trained and ready to assist manufacturers with innovative solutions for their growing production requirements. We are ready to meet your needs with tailored solutions.