MLCC Stacker

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Features:MLCC Stacker

  • Ease of oper­a­tion through touch screen mon­i­tor with advanced user interface
  • Ceramic tape stack­ing from 4″ (102 mm) to 8″ (203 mm)
  • Automatic loading from up to 6 different trays
  • Automatic removal of mylar from ceramic sheet
  • Hydraulic pressure stacking, up to 20 tons with precise heating options
  • Auto­matic vision align­ment for pre­cise layer to layer ± 0.01 mm place­ment accuracy

Pacific Trinetics Corporation’s Semi-Automatic Stack and Tack System is engineered and built to meet the demanding requirements for the assembly of today’s multilayer ceramic components.

The system proprietary software and vision alignment system ensure stacking accuracy of +/-5 μ with maximum stacking thickness of 0.4”. The touch screen, recipe driven monitor allows the operator full control over tacking temperature and cycle time.

The green tape is placed onto the Loading Stage. The Stage then moves to the alignment station where the machine vision system automatically adjusts the X-Y and Theta to match the desired position, assuring a layer accuracy of +/- 5 microns.

Once the alignment is finalized, the transfer arm moves the tape from the Alignment Station to the Tacking stage, where a vacuum chuck securely holds a precision build-up plate. The heating pad with a variable temperature control provides layer-to-layer offset on the stack weld to provide more uniform and consistent stacking.

The stacker is equipped with an optional automatic loading mechanism with a number of cartridges specified by the customer. The automatic loading mechanism also features a Mylar remover, which removes the Mylar without any interference to the ceramic sheet and places the sheet at the vacuum stage for automatic vision alignment for precise layer-to-layer placement.

For more information, please download the specification sheet for this product here.

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