Thin lineCutter-001Features:

  • Low-Cost High-Speed Cutting: 6 Cuts per second in automatic mode
  • Precision Accuracy (Resolution): Y and Z: ± 0.0002″ (± 0.005 mm)
  • Theta Axis: ± 0 .001 degrees
  • 5 Axis Pro­gram­ma­ble Con­trol: Y, Z, theta, left, and right camera
  • 3 Oper­at­ing Modes: manual, automatic, and auto vision alignment
  • Windows-based proprietary operating system UI

Flexibility combined with Precision  Accuracy

Pacific Trinetics Corporation’s cutting system provides many improvements for dicing technology.

The CT Series Cutting System is specifically designed for high-speed, precision cutting of multilayer ceramic capacitors (MLCC), chip inductors and LTCC/HTCC packages and modules.

The CT Series is engineered and built to meet the demanding requirements for cutting today’s miniature chip components. This guillotine-style blade cutting system, with its heated stage and blade, will accept a ceramic bar size of up to 12″ (304 mm) square and make high-quality cuts in material as thick as 0.390″ (10.0 mm). It uses Windows Operating System to control the entire machine.

For more information, please download the specification sheet for this product here.